Monday, May 25, 2009

Blue, blue, blue monday!

Today as i was driving to work i got rear ended by a seventy three year old granny! Needless to say i dont feel that positive about old drivers right now. My feelings were made worse by the repair quote of R55 000. Thank heavens i am insured but that is a lot to pay for other people's stupidity. I will make sure to claim my excess back from her.

Otherwise i had a good day yesterday. Had lunch with Justin and Dani and a lovely quiet evening at home. In a spurt of inspiration i managed to do seven pages of my Mpumalanga album. They look great and i will post some pics soon. I am also cruising on my crochet blanket. This is a picture of the pattern. It is for me! I have done one for each of my boys for winter and hubby wants one but for once i decided to make something for myself. I am almost done with this one and have promised him that he will have his by mid June. I love the pattern on this one. I love the colours and the chevron effect came out great. Of course i am running out of wool AGAIN! I never seem to buy enough for my blankets but that is because i always make them much bigger then i planned. Dont get me started on the cot blanket that turned into a double bed blanket. Thankfully i have got a bit better then that over the year.

This is my blanket in lovely pink, white and purple:

These are the two that i finished last month for the the boys. Gabby's is blue and white and the cream and beige one belongs to Seth. They are such a pleasure to craft for as they love everything that is handmade and are at an age when anything made my mom is considered "awesome!".

And this is the beautiful adored older Wainwright. He loves to pose for me and when i was taking this picture he told me: "Just wait while i make myself look cool!". Oh you look so cool my baby bear! I just love this picture and had to share it...

Hope you are having a better Monday then i am .....

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  1. You have been blue for 3 days now! Hope your neck is feeling better and please I must get those cookie recipes from you soon. Love Loo