Monday, May 4, 2009

Things that i am loving right now.......

  • The very kitsch glow in the dark stars that G and I plastered all over his bedroom. It is great to lie in the darkness and stare at the neon green solar system.
  • My son hugging his new famous five books with a look of absolute rapture yesterday (Oh, yes this is my kid.... Books!!!!)
  • The fact that i did not have to cook yesterday and yet everyone got a home cooked meal!
  • Reading 150 pages last night of a book that i love, not wanting it to be done but also wanting it to be done so that i can read the 4 new books that are crying for attention on my night stand.
  • The lovely glass jug that i bought for R10 yesterday. I love pre - owned (pre-loved) things!
  • That last night was the first night for hot water bottles AND that the boys water bottles are ninja turtles!
  • That i got to drive to work with my heater on.
  • The beautiful autumn leaves that are falling everywhere....
Wishing you a survivable Tuesday!

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