Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I think I can, I think i can.....

Survive this week, that is. I am currently sitting in a sexual offences workshop. Does this mean i have an addiction that i post on my blog during a meeting? Probably but it is also an indication of how boring this really is.

I need to share my exciting finds yesterday:
I stopped at a my local needlecraft shop on the way home and "adopted" the following items:
  • I found some great christmas quilting cottons. I bought 1/2 metre of each. One has snowmen on it and the other has cute little christmas lights. I will post a pic. I then bought some 100% white cotton. I intend to do christmas pictures in redwork on the white cotton, block it and quilt the other fabric around it. This is going to be my first mini quilt for my fireplace. I was hoping to get a summer one done by the 1st Sept but decided to cut myself some slack. December is better!
  • I also found some really country quilting fabric on sale - half price. It is all in browns, greens, blues and reds. Its has teapots, chickens, flowers, quilts on it. It is fab! I got some plain matching cotton so will try something in patchwork just to get myself going. I am undecided what - a mini quilt for my kitchen table - a sewing bag or a patchwork cushion?
  • I also found some lovely buttons for my summer and spring quilts - butterflies, flowers and birds....
I made amazing pasta last night and so quick: Brown mushrooms, fresh spinach (picked 5mins before from my garden) and rosa tomatoes fried in glugs, glorious glugs of olive oil and LOTS of feta chucked in. It melted into an amazing sauce into which i tossed the pasta. It took the whole of 10 mins!

The Wainwrights are all well thankfully. We have defeated the germs!

Have a safe Tuesday...

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