Monday, May 18, 2009

Quilts and cookies

I am searching for some inspiration to feed my current obsession with quilts and cookies. I REALLY need to make a quilt. Why? Because i just dont have enough hobbies, thats why! What kind of question is that? Anyway quilts speak of country life, simpler times, frugality, warmth, etc and Cookies? Well they just taste good.

In terms of cookies, i have just discovered a new blog that i love! If you are a cookie fan, check out and be prepared to drool. Peabody notes that cookies and milk make the world go round and I have to agree! The cookies we made on the weekend were dangerously good. I really should not be thinking about making any more!

I have some traditional African fabric that i have been collecting over the last couple of years that is 100% cotton and i am tempted to cut it into strips to make a log cabin design. I found some really simple instructions on a site called "The Quilting bug" where i was inspired by the quilts displayed. The picture above is off this site and is almost exactly what i want to do, but in softer colours - blues, reds and whites.

But enough dreaming on this cold Autumn day.......

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