Thursday, April 7, 2011

The littlest princess

Today was 4D scan time.

Ms Lilith has already begun to move down in anticipation of her arrival, so some of the photos were not the clearest.  The placenta that she was using as a pillow was casting a shadow over her face in many of the photos.

But i was still happy with this cute shot of her sucking her thumb.  I took the boys with me which was a good albeit painful memory making process!  They got bored after all of 5 mins and started to squirm and ask me when we would be done.  But it was wonderful to see her and know that all is well.

The thing with a healthy pregnancy is that it really involves a lot of patience while baby just settles down and grows.  Nothing really required from you.  I keep on reminding myself that this is how it should be and how lucky i am not to have had a pregnancy where there has been drama.  The Wainwright offspring appear to be quite comfortable in utero and happy to nest down, grow and come out almost to the day on their expected due date.  They really are a co-operative lot!  :)

Go wonderfully,