Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Busy happy times

I am tired but in a happy content way.  I have literally been on the go since last thursday night.  The soccer world cup is on in South Africa and my sister in law kindly got us tickets to go and watch a live match - Chile versus Spain.  I am not normally a soccer fan but really got into the atmosphere.  I even blew my vuvuzela frantically - a african horn that is used by soccer fans to show their support.  I was left with sore lips the next day!
These two cuties are my niece and nephew.  My brother and his family spent a couple of days with us.  What a treat as they live 1000km away and we only see them once a year.  It was amazing to be with both my siblings and to spend time with Nathans kids.  Funny how you are all kids and then next thing you are grown ups with kids!
I wish so much that my sons lived closer to their cousins.  They instantly clicked and had such a ball together.  They are close together in age and just bonded. My house showed the instant chaotic impact of having four kids together but who cares?  They had such fun.  I cant wait to see them again at christmas.  This is poor Erin with my son.  It sucks being the only girl around!

Dont you love this laugh?  Could you not just eat this child?  I could!  With honey on toast!  I love this kid beyond reason! 
 And be still my heart!  I am petrified at how quickly Gabriel is growing.  He is my heart's delight and i just want him to be mine forever.  At the same time i am loving experiencing his growth and his journey of discovery.  What a great level headed kid.

So i had a crazy time.  But a great time.  You know what i mean?

Now, the challenge is to scrap it all!  What a chore! (wink, wink!!)


Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy fathers day, Jason!

This is such a short, not doing justice, note to the sweet papa in my life.

Yesterday was fathers day and we really had an amazing dad to celebrate.  One of my greatest blessings is my husband and more so in his role as father.  Man, i love this man!  And i love him most when i see him as a father to my sons.  He loves being their dad and it shows.  They love him and it shows.  Moms and kids have their own sweet bonds but fathers and sons, they have something special.  When my boys look at my husband, there are many times when i can actually hear what they are thinking: "Wow, thats my dad, i want to be just like him, Wow!"  Can you hear that wow!

On the journey as parents there has not been anything that Jason has not been willing to do.  Sure i do most things more then him but that just comes with the territory and i am kind of okay with that.  He has changed nappies, made bottles, done night feeds, bathed kids, put kids to sleep, rocked and burped babies, played games, done every school concert and more.  He is quietly there.  Allowing me to bustle along, letting me know that he thinks i am great as a mom when i feel totally inadequate.  He is patient when i am losing it.  Firm when i am too soft.  He wrestles with them, teaches them karate and tells them to stand up for themselves.  But he also hugs and kisses them and tells them that he loves them everyday, just so that they know that real men feel and cry.  He is protective, nurturing and kind.

Happy fathers day Jason, our boys could never have asked for a better father!  You are so so loved and if you ever feel that you are not good enough just take a moment to look at those blue eyes peering up at you in adoration!  You are making out more then okay!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Looking back

Part of the joy that i get out of scrapbooking is that it allows me to reflect back on those that have come before me.  This becomes more and more important to me, especially as both my parents are deceased. I feel more of a responsibility to capture my roots for my children, knowing that they will never have the opportunity to hear about their roots from their grandparents.

When my mother died i inherited a large number of photos from her.  I never thought of my mom as sentimental, but looking at all the pictures she collected i realised that she was.  She keep hundreds of photos (although they were crammed into a dresser drawer in the dining room!)  I have started the long ardous process of working through them. Most of them are old, small and damaged and i have been sorting them to have them scanned in and printed.  These are my first round:
I love these photos of my parents.  They are in their early 20's here and not even married. My dad is on his way to the army for his basic service.
This is my father at my grandmother's house.  Am I the only one who loves to look at the background of old photos and see what i can see?  I love these old shots of my gran's kitchen!
And finally these are from a big family christmas party that was held at my grandparents house.  This must have been in the 60's.  I feel sad when i see the huge family that are gathered there. Most are deceased or have gone their seperate ways as families sometimes do.

I cant wait to scrap them...... I will share as soon as i am done!