Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One of THOSE mothering days.......

Yes today is one of THOSE mothering days. One of those days where my sons have way too much energy, when i am exhausted and my sons are beyond demanding. Where everyone is fixated on the same toy, the one they have not touched in six months. The kind of day where my younger son bit my older son not once, but twice. The kind of day where i found myself saying things like: "Dont touch", "Dont hit your brother.", "Go and play, please." The kind of day where i was totally ignored when i said the aforementioned things. The kind of days when we had tears in the bath and fighting at supper time. Yes I have had ONE of those days where you are counting the hours, even the minutes on the clock till bed time. Come on my mom friends, you know EXACTLY what kind of day i have had. You have had one yourself occasionally. Fortunantly these days are fleeting and tomorrow they may very well be little angels (Hence the hinting picture.....). But today the horns are firmly attached.

So I am looking forward to some time to work on the afghan that i am making. It is perfect work after a day like today. It is brainless and the pattern is engraved into my brain after the many rows i have done. I love it when the work gets to that stage. It is the one thing that puts me off the big cross stitch item that is 2/3rds done in my sewing bag. I just dont have the cognitive strength to face that huge chart and all the counting.

I am thinking of my little cousin and her miserable week. I think that some shopping, coffee and cake on saturday is absoluely necessary.

Hang in all......

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  1. Hi Al,
    What time do you want to go to the Hospice shop and what time are you going to the Oyster Festival? Some very rich chocolate cake will go down well. The biscuits are gone...gone I tell you! Next time you must tell me what to bring so we can make more.Anyway, hope the boys are behaving better today. Love Loo