Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday, Monday......

Hello Monday, i am glad that my first working shift is over. My second one begins when i get home of course. I had a good day, going off at lunch time to buy some great second hand books and discount hair products (What is about women that makes us want to shop, especially bargain shopping - it really is a thrill!)

I also face a breeze of a week in terms of meals. One of the ladies that i work with has a catering business on the side and i have purchased 12 ready meals for the family, frozen and 30 frozen Roti (Indian breads). The best thing is that it was so reasonably priced that it didnt even hurt to be lazy. So all in all a good week so far.

At least i have found out that the R4000 that i spent on the plane ticket that never happened last week is not totally lost. I can still use the ticket for up to 6 months, so perhaps it can be salvaged.

On another note i welcome my baby cousin into the world of blogging and am excited to join her journey, with comments along the way of course! I hope that for all of you, this monday was as kind!

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  1. Thanks Al!
    I need cheap hair products too, please tell me when you go again :)