Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a week!

Its Thursday and it has been a real humdinger of a week as you can tell from my silence. I got the news that my MEC is leaving and we are still on the edge of seats about the possibility of losing our Head of Department. Strangely they drove me both crazy at times but now that i have to think about the amount of energy that i will need to put into building new relationships i get exhausted. However, i am a civil servant and not a political appointee so my life will invariably go on after all the hullaballoo has died down. I have been through this thrice before.

On the home front we are in the midst of a war and the germs are winning. So i have sick kids, spent my evening at the doctor yesterday, have more medication in my home then a drug dealer and got up at the ungodly hour of 4am. On the bright side it is almost friday and i desperately need so creative time this weekend. I did manage to squeeze in some scrapbooking this week after the medicated kids were sleeping. I have a busy weekend. On Saturday the school that we are sending Gabriel to next year has an open day and then on Sunday we will be going to a beloved little boy's birthday party (Connor!). I do love kids parties though, so that is no chore (especially when i am no the mom in charge!!!). I hope to see my baby cousin this weekend as well. (Cindy if you read this i am keen to scrap on Sat afternoon so let me know!)

Once again what a week. But on weeks like this you need to carve out some comfort space and that is my sole aim this weekend. So my goals are:
* Sleep late at least one morning (that is 7am in my life!)
* Bake at least one thing delicious and eat it with friends and family.
* Create at least one thing that makes me want to go back and look at it.
* Read the papers in my Pj's and over cappucinnos on Sunday morning.

Have a stress free Thursday........

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  1. Will speak to the sister and let you know but you are seeing Megs after work, if she still decides to go running. I need to start baking biscuits. I have an addiction to coffee and biscuits lately!!!