Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer dreaming

Its cold, everyone is ill and i am dreaming of summer. Where it is warm, the sun is shining and i feel alive! I mean look at this picture, doesnt it inspire you to stomp grapes, pick olives and do suitably other sun soaked things? I am working from home today with a sick child. As if that was bad enough, in a moment of madness i agreed that the other non sick child stay at home today. Now, despite the purchase of expensive Lego as a means of trying to buy some peace and quiet, i am taking strain. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel with Seth's illness and it has been two feverish days now. This has all equated to a rough ride generally. Now Seth is finally sleeping and Gabby is occupied in front of the TV and i have 5 minutes in front of the computer. So i have lost some of my loving winter, nesting blah-blah! Right now give me sun!

So right now i would like to just wallow quietly, thank you :(


  1. And the award for the "most feeling sorry for yourself" goes to Allison Claire Wainwright!

  2. At least the day is almost over and tomorrow will definitely be fabulous so chin up, nothing sugar and scrapping won't cure :)

  3. I absolutely deserve that award! Can you believe that i made four different kinds of food to try and entice Seth to eat a mouthful... all unsuccessfully!

    I need sugar and crafts...STAT! LOL

  4. I feel for you. We've just come out of a loooong winter (Canada) and finally entering Spring and Summer and I feel the bounce in my step has returned after several long months. Good luck making it through!