Friday, May 1, 2009

In the still of the night....

What a day! It is only as this day is closing that i am able to truly reflect on what a crazy day i have had, commencing at 5:05am. Our expected guest did not arrive but let us down when he missed his flight for unacceptable reasons. Lots of drama ensued and generally ruined the mood. Momentarily. One thing i love about my family (immediate and extended, friends included!) is the amount of support i get from those around me. I am also grateful for the space of my relationship where crisis turns us inwards and not outwards. All of this enables me to keep my sense of humour. How can i not when i have so much to be grateful for. So today, despite all, i am grateful for:
  • The support that i received from friends and family today. I am also grateful for family who are friends and friends who are like family.
  • I am happy for the peace that resides in my home and that this really is my safe space.
  • I am grateful for the creative space that i shared with my cousin this afternoon (and the great pants that we crafted together!)
  • I am grateful for the carrot cake that was brought as a consolation (it hit the spot!).
  • I am grateful that my children are the souls that they are and that i married to such a delicously caring, kind man.
  • The opportunity to see some old friends tomorow.
And with that i will leave you. The kettle calls.

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