Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sweet saturday afternoon........

Finally able to put my feet up after a busy morning. Megan, Cindy and I went thrifting this morning and i got a great haul. For the princely sum of R247 i got:
  • One metre of beautiful linen which i can stitch on. It is a warm cream colour.
  • Half a meter of blue denim for jeans for the kids.
  • Four Huge vintage cookbooks. Each of them are tomes! They were all printed in the 1940's and 1950's. They have unexciting names like: "Woman's home companion cook book" and "Culinary arts institute Enclyclopedic cookbook". They all have lots of recipes that contain gelatine - you know the food i am talking about! My favourite is one called "The American peoples cookbook". It is a book that collects recipes from different individuals and the recipes have the contributors name at the top. They also give information like little snippets about the history of the recipes. I am excited by all the cookie recipes. The one book alone has over 300 recipes in them. These are perfect for a sunny spot on the couch, with a cup of coffee.
  • Two books on music for hubby.
  • One CD
  • 6 other assorted craft books - all hard covered and in great condition. There are two on quilting, two on general sewing and two other embroidery ones.
  • 7 kids videos
So all together that was a great haul... We went to the oyster festival but it was just too crazy with the kids. I had some more photos printed and cannot wait to scrap which i hope to do this afternoon.

I did promise you photos of the quilting fabric that i bought.

These are the real country ones that i bought. I love the prints, especially the apples....

These are the christmas fabrics that i bought for the mini quilt:

I really fell in love with the bottom two. I also thought that as the bottom one was striped it would make for easy cutting - i have not even started yet and i am looking for short cuts!

Have a good quiet family filled saturday, with just some creative expression i hope.....

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