Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday night

Sunday nights have always been one of my favourite times. We have had a lovely three day weekend and although it started off shaky, it got much better as it went along. Yesterday i enjoyed a wonderful outing with my cousin to the Zoo, which the children loved, followed by an old friend's stork party. I had the opportunity to see two old dear girl friends, who are both pregnant, expecting girls and due in September. It was wonderful to catch up and took me back to a whole different time in my life. Sometimes when i am busy with my little beloved terrors it is hard to believe that once upon a time they were innocent new borns. Did i really do midnight feeds, deal with colic, not know what i was doing. The great thing about motherhood is that after a few years it becomes a habit and you forget that once i didnt know anything. I mean the other day i roughly calculated that i had changed about 9200 nappies, made about the same amount of bottles, done at least three hospital visits, done two sets of stitches after spectacular injuries, teethed two full sets of teeth and survived about 50 minor colds and flus. The fact that i survived all of that is a miracle, but in the process of it all you forget what it was like in the beginning when you knew nothing, when everything was hard, when you could not make bottles in your sleep or had an automatic dummy radar.

Dont get me wrong, not knowing what to do is not all that it is cracked up to be, but lets face it, it is pretty exciting! I wish them well and cant wait to welcome some new bambinos into my circle of friends. I am enjoyed a quiet day at home where i cooked two meals , one to freeze for the week. One was a pot of homemade soup that went down well on this cold day.

I am going to wrap this day up now and get ready for a new week.....

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