Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello world

Shew, i feel that i am coming out of a fog. I have had a really crazy week. After my car accident i had a wham-bam week. I worked late on Wednesday night and then had a black tie dinner on Thursday and Friday. Even the good wine did not make up for it. The weekend was good but busy none the less and today i am officially acting chief director for safety in the province. And it was Monday. And it was the first day of winter. But at least i keep telling myself that i can start to count down the days of winter now.

I had a chance to do scrapbooking with a friend this Saturday and had so much fun. Crafting is really better with company and i managed to finish 9 pages and my Mpumalanga album. It looks great and i feel that it captures our experience as a family perfectly. What i love about this sort of album is that when you feel down you can take them out and they remind you of why you work and slave every day - so that you can take time out and have amazing experience in your family.

My garden is looking great and i have been using the spinach, letttuce and herbs. I am still waiting for the broccoli, Cauliflower and cabbages. Only in South Africa could you have a wonderful garden like this in the middle of winter....

Altogether satisfying. I love being able to go into the garden after work with the kids and pick what i need. Fresh, absolutely fresh. Its only when you eat vegetables like this do you realise how stale some of the stuff you buy in a shop is.

Hope you have a good winterly week! Cuddle up with someone or something you love!

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