Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some days you are the chicken, some days you are the worm......

These are my Mpumalanga chickens. Mr W spotted them on the side of the road and we both liked them. He says that there is something majestically primitive about the rooster. I just though that they would go perfectly with my red walls!

Today i feel a little bit less like the worm although i am facing three days of working late. Which i really hate. I will need to be strategic about planning meals. Today i wont be too late so i will see if i can cook two meals. I have the veggies for a pot of soup which i can cook at the same time as tonight's meal. Then there will only be one night of take out.

The sky is a bitter grey here in JHB and your very soul wants to retreat to bed. Its going to be a cold long winter. So to help me survive here are some gratitudes from me:
Right now i am grateful for:
  • The fact that i really look forward to going home everyday. That my home is such a wonderful safe place for me, full of objects of beauty (at least in my eyes), particularly the little w's who make every day December sunny (My two summer boys).
  • That i always have a cat that will seek me out once my sons are sleeping. The shared warmth of lap sharing cannot be underestimated.
  • That i have a new book eyeing me out from my bedside table.
  • That i can shop for more wool on saturday guilt free because it is for something that i am going to make right now. Because i really do need some more craft supplies. What? I really do!!!!
  • That i have two days still left with my brother for late night chats over shared milo and biscuits.
  • That my hubby is so supportive about my crazy work life.
  • That we are already dreaming up another weekend away.......
So worms begone! Today i feel like a rooster (Well technically a hen but you know what i mean) :)


  1. That's a spirit :)
    The chickens and rooster do certainly go very well with your walls, Allison! Great find.

  2. shopping for wool on a saturday! one of my favorite things to do!

  3. Thanks Vera, i loved the chickens at first sight! And yes, Sarah there is nothing better then some scheduled shopping! I will let you know what i find.