Thursday, June 18, 2009

Apples and pears

Wanted to share some more cross stitch that i have done. These are past items that i made a couple of years ago. I am happy to say that i love each and every cross stitch item that i have made. These were a set and the shading is really beautiful. They look really realistic and i can picture them in my home for years to come. I apologise if you are blinded by the flash on the glass...

Otherwise i am enjoying my three day week and am glad that tomorrow is friday. I hope to see a friend on saturday but really want to keep it low key this weekend (do i say that every weekend??) Just to share that i had three great buys at the thrift shops. I bought two beautiful aprons at R15 each. The one is handmade and beautifully embroidered. Then i got a white cotton table cloth with hand embroidered flowers in cross stitch all around in a really ornate border for only R25 (about R7 to one Dollar for my overseas visitors....) I will post pictures of them. I always get sad when i think that someone worked so hard on something and it gets sold in that fashion. Knowing the work that goes into an item like a tablecloth it really represents weeks if not months of work...... But now it will be re-loved, i promise!!

All is well in my corner of the world. I am time strapped as always but that never changes.... I had a hard mothering day yesterday when i wanted to lose it all the time but am determined to keep my cool tonight. The reality is that the little W's dont understand when their Mama is stressed and tired.... So patience is my new mantra!!!!

Kind thoughts to all of you!



  1. Wow, gorgeous cross stitch, the images look so realistic!

  2. Thanks for stopping by again and for the lovely comments. It's really hard thinking that it's winter somewhere else. Our little corner of the world is heating up quite nicely this week. Those are lovely cross stitch pieces. Yes I do think you're the only one to complete projects and use them immediately! :-) JK (just kidding).
    So you bought a bread machine. Good for you. I was catching up on your past posts. I love my bread machine in the winter because I can't get my house warm enough to raise bread. It's possible your bread didn't raise well because you don't have enough yeast in your house. Yeast releases spores and if you make bread a lot then you have these spores in your house naturally all the time. If you only make bread occasionally then you don't have these spores to encourage the yeast. So the answer is to make more bread! That's a toughy to live with. Bread machines don't seem to have this problem. I have a wonderful dough recipe for the bread machine that makes great cinnamon rolls if you'd like and if your machine has the dough setting.
    So what does the R stand for? Is that your form of money? It's so neat learning new things about another country. Well gotta run and do the watering.
    lots of hugs, Amanda