Friday, June 26, 2009


Icy cold weather always feels more manageable on a friday night when you are under the blanket, watching mindless reality TV shows and plotting a wonderfully empty weekend. I am of the opinion that if you dont have time to do nothing on a weekend then it is wasted. You should have time to reflect, be bored, snuggle and watch TV, especially if you are a working mom.

I recently bought a lovely book that is called 140000 things to be happy about and wanted to share some things out of it. I love it and find that it always makes me smile when i flip through it:
  • Clocks that tick.
  • Fairy tales
  • Laughing till you cry
  • Striped cooks aprons
  • Sipping a coke
  • Jasmine flowers
  • Pudding recipes
  • Singing in cars
  • Confetti tossed hair
  • The summer song of mowers
Come on, admit that at least one of these things made you feel a little bit happy! Something i have not shared yet is that the W's have some wild family relatives. And i am not talking about the W babies. I am talking about the four legged W's. We have two very fat W cats - Frodo and Tiger. Tiger looks nothing like a tiger. He started off life as a she with the name of tiger lily. After she turned out to be a he, we dropped the lily. Gender confused cats - go figure!!!
Anyway these fat cats have been mentioned because they are also some of my favourite winter things. Cats know about the benefits of winter company. They lie on laps and feet. They seek out sunny spots and creep under blankets. On that note one of my first big cross stitch items was of a fat sleepy cat. It isnt something that i would stitch now - look at all that black - what was i thinking??? But i still like it because, well it makes me happy! I just like sleeping cats.

So friends, whether its a sunny summer or cosy winter weekend, make it a good one!

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  1. Oh it was a great Friday night. I went scrapbooking over at a friend's house. She fixed us dinner and we scrapped until 1 a.m. I'm tired today though and feel like I'm catching a cold. Trying to get up enough gumption to clean the kitchen. I have to bake a cake for tomorrow. It's my mother-in-law's birthday. I always make a carrot cake for her.
    Love kitties. We have two. and of course now the two dogs. Hope your weekend is wonderful Allison.