Friday, June 12, 2009

Warm moments

I had a good rough friday. Good in that i had no real work pressure for a change. Rough in that i slept four hours the night before with Seth projectile vomiting. He stayed at home today with the nanny and i took him to the doctor. Usual diagnosis - post nasal infection, so he was gagging on the mucus basically. Lovely....... I am now armed with the usual bag of medication. The fun will begin in an hour when i need to get it down his throat.........

But at least we are facing a weekend, a long one at that, at least for the kids who will be at home on Monday. I will be seeing friends tomorrow and have as little as possible planned for the weekend. I need rest and self indulgence. It will be father's day on Sunday so i hope to go out for lunch as a family. As i spent the day with Seth today i have promised Gabby that we can go shopping together tomorrow. Some serious lego shopping is scheduled.

And on a craft note, i hope to finish my afghan blanket tonight and already have the wool for hubby's scarf and blanket ready. A new project... there is nothing better for a crafter.

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  1. Thank god, my bright baby cousin just smsed me to let me know that father's day is only next weekend. Which saves me a lot of work this weekend! Sigh of relief!