Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As my title suggests it is seriously cold. I have been away for two days to the Vaal and being down by the river was even colder. We are not even half way through winter and i have come to the conclusion that this weather is not for me. I am a sunshine baby. I thrive in the summer sun. Unless of course i am free to stay at home, rise as i wish, stay in my PJ's and watch TV. However, as all of that is highly unlikely, i say again, i am not a winter fan.

Today is a quiet lull after my crazy week start. I did two late nights at work and feel drained. Today i hope to leave a bit early and try to send some time with the little W's. I miss them when i am away. I also need to cook tonight as i suspect that they ate grilled cheese sandwiches for the last two nights in my absence!

Well, this is a short post.... just wanting to touch base and say i am still alive and kicking. I wish you a smooth wednesday and rapidly approaching weekend.


  1. Okay, I think we can arrange a trade. I'll trade you some of my 100 degree weather and you give me some of your cooler weather. I like the sunshine and warmer days just not the really hot days. I get nothing done. I guess I'm a fair weather gal.
    I loved your post on fathers. Fathers do have a huge impact on children. I think that is why my daughter who adores her father has not rushed into relationships with boys. She's very content in who she is and what she wants. I like to think that's because she's had a great relationship with her dad. Not that I don't think you can't grow up without one as I did too, but realize how much I've missed by not having a great father/daughter relationship.
    One last question: What is the VAAL?
    Have a great week Allison!

  2. Thanks Amanda. The rest of week was better although very cold. I am looking forward to a very quiet weekend. The Vaal is a region near where i live, which has a lovely river and a dam there. I live in the smallest province in South Africa, called Gauteng and it is very built up and urbanised - the industrial hub of the country. So many people either go to the Vaal river / dam or Magaliesburg (Magalies Mountains) near by for a break...