Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random thoughts....

Some random useless information about me right now...
  • I bought Gabby his first guitar today. I hope that it will be the start of a great hobby and not a closet collection of unused hobby stuff :) Dad has already tuned it for him and he felt so important... I have arranged for him to start lessons next week.
  • I have completed the blanket for myself and it is being used daily. Am i the only one who finishes an item and wears it or uses it immediately? Please tell me not! I am making a scarf and beanie for hubby right now and then home to make some small items. Three afghans in three months are a bit much!
  • I almost successfully made bread the other day. It tasted really good but i think i tried to make two loaves out of dough meant for one. So it rose but was still too low. I will try again on the weekend. Also went out and bought a bread making machine this weekend. Coughed up extra for the one with the timer setting so that we can set it to bake bread to be ready when we wake up. Hope that i really get my ass to do this and that i was not just suckered into paying an extra R200!
  • I feel pretty comfortably okay about life right now although the kids were a bit much today. They didnt go to school yesterday as it was a holiday. They were bouncing off the walls when i got home yesterday... You know when you arrive home and they are both swinging on the front door yelling "Mom, mom, mom!!!!".
  • Seth is going through a phase where he thinks he is a dog. He follows Gabby around barking and licking us. Gabby feeds him biscuits and calls him "Mr Ham". It is cute in its insanity....
  • I had full intention to cook today, veggie lasagne but i was weak and got take out instead - delivered to the door! Oh dear! I did cook great tomato, basil and feta pasta last night....
  • I am hoping for a quiet week with an equally quiet weekend..... Hope to squeeze in a visit with an old friend to talk absolute drivel over something wickedly sweet!
Have a good night.


  1. Hi Alison
    I tried to contact you by email - but can't find your email address. Thanks for having a look at my blog. How did you find your way over there?
    Yes I am South African, but we have been in Dubai for the past 5 years. We really enjoy our life here (very safe, etc) but we do miss the bushveld...

  2. Hi Ansie, I found it along the way in my blog searchings.... It is great that you have settled so well. How have the kids adjusted?

    Where in South africa are you from? We are originally from East London but now settled in JHB for ten years. Your craft stuff is great and has a real South african flavour to it!