Friday, June 19, 2009

Sweet empty hours

Its friday night. Work is done and the whole weekend lies ahead of me. I have plans and schemes as always but on the whole it is without commitments. Tonight i already have my winter attire on (Pj's, gown and slippers...). I have my crochet ready at my side and hot chocolate indulgences planned. Family is fed, kids are clean and slowly lulling towards sleep. All is well in the W house tonight.

Now we all know that no weekend could be complete with some crafty dreaming and that's what i have planned. With two kids under the age of 6 i dont get to do things like scheduled crafting but i soon got wise that twenty minutes here and there build up into a project. I would like to share the following two items with you:

The first is a cross stitch item that i made five years ago. It is a traditional sampler that had some unusual stitches in it and i really enjoyed making it. I changed the words to reflect my values and loved the meaning that they convey - I do believe that family is the golden thread that binds all hearts together. I love it when the gifts that we create with our hands can reflect the way that we live our lives...

The second is a scrapbooking page of my sweet baby Seth, or Sethy bear (Or Teti bear - we subscribe to the idea that a child much loved has many names...) as we like to call him. He is so different from his older brother and has such a sense of wild boyish energy. He is the strong silent type and doesnt talk much but he has such a sense of physical oomph! I think that this page captures his personality perfectly. I love the way i love both of my kids so much. And i love equally. I came from a family of three siblings and find it reassuring to realise that my mom was telling the truth when she said that she loved us all the same.... Now i know it is the truth.

To all my new friends who have been stopping into my little blog, thank you so much. Your comments are great. Amanda i am going to try making bread again this weekend and hope that there are some spores hanging around to help this batch out. I also hope to try out the bread machine and would love your recipes....

Wherever you are in the world tonight, i hope that you are close to someone or something that you love...... I have two little boys just waiting to remind me of their presence.....


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  1. I really admire anyone that has the patience to make an elaborate cross stitch sampler like this. Just lovely!