Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy chaos..

Saturday nights are not my good housewife night. The house is really reflecting a day of chaos. The floors are covered in toys, there are clothes to be picked up, there are dishes in the sink. Newspapers lie on the lounge floor. As I type now Jason and the boys are playing hide and seek and my furniture is being shoved around as boys frantically look for hiding places. Seth doesn't quite get the game and always calls out to his dad.... Do I care? Not a wink... because this is a home, not a show house. Because i want a childhood for my kids where they get to lie on the couches and watch tv, where they get to make some happy madness. I want this to be there safe, happy space and not a mausoleum. Besides, i discovered long ago that i could either stress and tidy up the whole day or just relax and clean up at the end of the day..

I had a good day although my heart is with a family member who is going through a difficult time. I spent the day with my cousin in law and sister and spoke about lovely baby things. I finished my blanket and have the wool ready for when the kids are sleeping - black, red and golden yellow. We had a lovely saturday night, breakfast - eggs, sausages and toast for supper and my family are happily at peace.

I think that in winter you really appreciate that there is no place like home. That there needs to be a warm, soft, fragrant place at the end of a cold day. That while objects cannot make you happy, being surrounded by objects of beauty, things you love can bring magic and comfort into your life. While we may not be able to have the view of the little ice home above, your home is your safe place.

Have a good winter evening...

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  1. Wow, thanks for stopping by my blog. I feel so honored. Have you always lived in South Africa? Hard to believe it's winter there when we're just getting into summer. We've had lovely weather lately though. So you have a Seth also. How neat. You know the years just fly by especially once they hit high school. Seems like yesterday that my Seth was only a toddler.
    I noticed you work outside the home. What do you do? You also have a nanny. That's a luxury here. But maybe it's the same thing as what we call a babysitter here? A nanny here means someone that lives with you and takes care of the kids and a few household chores. Not that I am a criticizing. Just curious.
    I've really enjoyed looking around your blog. I haven't had a chance to read all your posts, but I'll get to them. Blogging is so neat. We get to meet people we wouldn't normally get to. Do you knit or crochet?
    The house should be a place of fun with children laughing and games going on. There's always time at the end of the day to pick up, but there is never enough time to spend together making memories. Guess you've started Sunday already so have a great day! Our father's day is next Sunday.