Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello moon.....

Here's the thing - the last two nights i have got home from work after dark. Which is not that hard in the middle of winter but is still awful. I hate getting home late and not having my quality time with the kids. That first hour before Mr. W gets home is good Mama and little W time. Thankfully, tomorrow i am home early and Monday looks promising. Tuesday is a public holiday which is a great gift that i totally forgot about.

It may be the cold, it may be the silence right now in my house, the warm cat at my feet, the warm drink at my side but i am decidedly satisfied with myself right now. I am happy right now at this moment and just a little aware of how lucky in love i am with all my boys around me. In the madness of life sometimes you just need to reflect on how fortunate you are that other souls have chosen to bind themselves to your life, either through birth, marriage or friendship. Perhaps this companionship is the greatest gift of all. I am also thinking of someone in my life who is facing the loss of a relationship and the sadness of it.

So if you have joined me tonight or tomorrow reflect on who touches your life, gives you joy, makes your heart skip a beat. And tell them that they do.... we all need to hear that sometimes.....

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