Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grey city blues

Today is a terrible way to end a wonderful weekend. Winter is here, people. It is one of those deathly winter days where the sky is dark, the city is wallowing in self pity and i should really be in bed. I had a really good weekend. Nathan arrived early Saturday morning and we spent the day together, having a great braai in the afternoon. Yesterday we met Adrian and Nicole for lunch and went out for a great family meal full of memories and laughter. The kids loved all the attention and had a fab time. I was a bit put out when my two old was smacked and bitten by another kid at the playground yesterday. Well actually more put out with the parents who sat there doing nothing while i had to stomp out and separate them. Well technically pull the little hell rat off my beloved child. As you can tell the Mama does not like other humans messing with the little W's.

But all in all the weekend was a splendid success! And you may ask: "Did you treat yourself to something horribly wonderful?" Of course i did: pancakes and hot chocolate on saturday and delicious home baked chocolate chip muffins, baked in the still of the house at 5:30am on Sunday morning. I find that the last couple of mornings, despite the cold i wake up early. Which is a good thing.

What i am grateful for on this wicked winter morning:
  • The creative space of my blog.
  • The warm blanket that i will spread over my knees and work on tonight.
  • The wonderful meal of chicken ala king that i can already taste that will be the W Monday night meal.
  • Some more catch up time with Nathan tonight.
  • The warmth of my children's arms tonight that warm my heart always!
Find warmth in your heart today!


  1. Thank you for coming "all the way from South Africa" to visit my blog in Washougal, WA!
    It's hard to imagine winter coming for you, as we are finally well out of ours. But winter has its charms too...especially warm blankets to work on!

  2. Thank you for bringing some sunshine onto my winter blog! The crochet blanket helped a great deal last night..... I finished a good chunk.... Your embroidery looks great... Al