Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend bliss

It is really sad when you drool over fridays! Needless to say that the last two weeks have been rough. But that's the way life goes, i have discovered. One moment you are smooth sailing, the next you are blindsided by a tsunami. But the plus side is you are soon in smooth waters again. The cycles of life, blah, blah, blah!

But i am really glad it is a friday. I am even happier that i am seeing my brother this weekend. We just dont see enough of each other because he still lives in East London. We have always got along really well and whenever we are together we can literally talk nonsense for hours. I love it! Siblings are often the only ones who really get you. Know you from when you were in nappies, picking your nose and still love you now that you are all grown up. We have been through some tough times together and the two of us were never divided. I am grateful for that bond.

I plan to bake this weekend. I found this fantastic recipe for Gougeres, which are in essence cheese choux paste balls, with garlic butter and parmesan.. I mean come on! Check out the Baking obsession blog amongst my favourites on the right for the recipe. My hubby would love this. ( I sometimes think that he loves cheese more then he loves me! ). I also hope to bake some banana bread because that is my little boys favourite. Most of all i think that this weekend calls for some nesting and domestic life. It is my youngest brother's birthday tomorrow so i am sure that we will get together on Sunday for a lunch.

I would like to share another one of my cross stitch items with you. This is Seth's baby sampler, which took me much longer then G's. He was a year old before i completed it. But it is done!

I love the way it came out and hope that it will be something that he and his family will love in times to come. I did a similar one for my Nephew, Ethan. It is huge and i cant believe i actually stitched this twice!!! Cross stitch is a true act of devotion. An item like this probably cost me about R1500 with the framing. And it requires over 120 hours of solid hard work. But that says something for me. It is an act of love. Maybe you can tell from my ramblings that i am in the mood to stitch. Give me a peaceful house, a good movie, a strong light, a cup of coffee and my stitching. Heaven indeed.

Whatever you do this weekend, make or buy something absolutely decadent and very, very fattening and eat it. Eat it ALL.

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