Saturday, July 4, 2009

I am here....

Where do i even start... i cant believe that it has been more then a week since i have posted. Work has been consuming at present. Not as bad as last week but pretty breathtaking in its overwhelmingness (Is that a word????) So although i have taken time to stop into other people's blogs and envied my northern hemisphere friends summer pics, i have not had any time to post myself.

So here i am on this cold Saturday afternoon saying that i am still alive and kicking! I have had a good weekend so far with the ever present issue of sick children. I had two sick kids this entire week and Seth only went to creche for one day this week, which also added to the week stress! Our friend is here from Dubai for the weekend. I had a lovely night with my cousin - reality tv and a box of chocs - and did some great shopping this morning. My cousin and i went to a bulk wholesaler (MAKRO) and bought a lot of stuff in bulk. My kids walked out with a haul as usual. Buying things for the kids are really my financial weakness.

The bread machine that we bought is fantastic and we have used it a lot. I have made white, brown and cheese bread and want to try some more adventurous recipes. So if any of you have any to share, please do. I want to search on line tonight and see if i can order a book or two on bread machine recipes from Kalahari (which is South africa's Amazon). It is so easy, you really just chuck in everything and let it do the rest. What a breeze! I am going to use the timer for the first time tomorrow morning so that we can wake up to freshly baked bread.

I need to be a bit more centered if i am to survive these next few weeks. I have a lot of work and not much time to breath. I dont see much space for creativity in my life right now and much of my crafts are sitting sadly shelved including the white and blue afghan baby blanket that i have started for a friend. I think that i need to try and find the little creative spaces that i can carve out to keep me sane.... the home made friend, some lunch time crochet, home weekends, some craft shopping with a friend next weekend.

Finally, I am looking forward to taking the kids to the movies tomorrow - we are watching ice age 3. I have finally got used to watching kids movies - at least the fresh popcorn and chocolates make up for it.

Keep happy!

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