Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lucky in love....

This is late but today i want to celebrate my wedding anniversary for the 13th July and the relationship that goes with it. Jason and I have been married for eight years, been together for 13, two of which we lived together. It certainly has been a long road. When we met we were really children - I was only 19! It seems like a lifetime ago. We started off as friends and i believe that this has stood us in good stead through the years.

You cant summarize a thirteen year relationship into violin music and roses. It has been a long, sometimes challenging, but always fulfilling road. Quite simply i dont know how i would cope without him, what my life would be without him. I dont mean to come across as a needy co-dependent wife - but really i dont really remember a time when he wasnt around. Two kids, two provinces, three mortgages, some debt and poverty, some wealth. This person was with me when i buried my mother, held my hand when my children were born, seen me at my worse and my best... there is no comprehension of the value he has added to my life.

I am very grateful for the space that my relationship is in right now. Its not the glowing first love stage where you can kiss for hours and see the colour of your lover's eyes in the sky. Its a comfortable, you are my family, and i am not going anywhere space. Its a committed space. Its a "I know who you are and i still love you" space. The birth of our children taxed us but also made us committed to each other in way that i never thought possible. We trust each other, know each other, like each other. And that seems so much more important then the passion that an early relationship offers.

Relationships are not easy, good solid relationships are real jewels. As i watch other marriages falling apart around me, i am indescribably grateful that i have a partner, not a husband alone but a partner, to ride along with me on this journey. I know that i am able to give my children the best of me because of him.

So Jason, i admire, respect, like and love you. You are a great father, husband, partner and friend and i truly am lucky in love.

Happy anniversary.