Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The plague has arrived

Or the flu to be more accurate. Oh, i am sick of sick kids! I am sick of bottles of medication and midnight coughing fits! I am sick of changing vomited on sheets and begging sick babies to eat and drink! I am sick of germs full stop! So today i am at home with a sick baby boy. Poor Seth! I can only hope that this is the last bad winter. Next winter he will be three years old and that seemed to be a turning point in Gabriel's life. He battled through every winter until he turned three and then it got remarkably better. Now the kid has the immune system of an ox. Germs just bounce off him.

I had a good but busy weekend, marred by the fact that i had to go into the office twice. Without boring you about work details I had a crisis with assets at one of my centres. The auditors have given us the all clear on Monday so that is over with. I still feel the need to spring clean and tidy up some of the mess in my house so perhaps if Seth is feeling better tomorrow i will let him help me clean up some spaces. Kids love packing things into and out of boxes and discovering old things lost and packed away.

I suddenly have the urge to scrapbook. I have not done any scrapbooking for a while and have been firmly crocheting but feel the need for a change. The local wool shop had a fantastic sale and i over indulged myself and have some lovely stuff. Will post pics soon.

Here is some of the scrapbooking that i was looking at today that re-inspired me...

Well tomorrow is middle of the week and sick or not we are defeating this week. I really need a weekend!

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  1. Oy, don't mention scrapbooking. Still have to finsih Seth's first year album. He's what 19! Need to get Tina's done too before she has her graduation next year. I like to lay them out at their open house.
    I'm finally home. Yah!
    Was nice catching up on all your posts. The outside of your house is very nice. Actually (not to sound snide or anything else) it looks like any other house in the U.S. Hope your weekend was great. I love the use of your vocabulary. So neat and different than our American and how we use the same words. Hope the kiddo gets better. Our own flu season will be just around the corner. Along with cooler weather. Yippee! Hope warmer weather heads your way soon.
    Love, Amanda