Friday, July 24, 2009

Home dreaming

A bit more realistic then spring or summer dreaming!

I can categorically say that i am very glad that it is weekend. I need some me time desperately. And by me time, i dont necessarily mean alone time, just time when i can do things that add colour to my life.

I am posting these pictures of my back garden and home because this is the space that i am dreaming of right now. I need to go to the mountain (my home) this weekend and absorb some positive energy. As i have said before on this blog, i am so very grateful that my home is a place buzzing with positive energy that revitalizes me. I don't have any negative energy gremlins waiting to get me there. Just love, hope and joy! I have got some great family time planned, starting tonight and some quality hubby time planned for Saturday night's date! I am also going to give the two little W angels some extra love. Just because they are perfect and they are mine.

So life is pretty good right now, because i choose to make it so.

Make your life good this weekend.


Ps: Excuse the multiple toys lying in the garden, anyone with kids would know that they are a sign of a much loved space.

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