Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spring dreaming again!!

Yup, i cant seem to get Spring out of my mind. It is becoming an obsession. I need sun! Now! Too bad that i still have a couple of weeks left before this will be any form of reality!

Just want to share some cute pics of the boys. These were taken on Sunday when we went out for lunch with Jason's sister. The boys loved the playground and had great fun. I love Gabby in his beanie. He looks so grown up. These children are much, much loved by the Mama.

The good news is that the school we applied to for Gabby next year responded to say that he got it. He has to go for an interview next week with the head mistress. So i better clean him and remind him of his manners.

I am looking forward to a busy but quiet weekend. Does that make sense? What i mean is that i have nothing "nasty" this weekend. Seeing my cousins tomorrow night for our regular girls get together. Then rugby watching on Saturday and date with my handsome hubby on Saturday night. We are hoping to get dinner and a show and then a lovely Sunday of doing as little as possible. Thanks to Cindy for agreeing to baby sit. You rock! I promise not to feed my kids sugar and turn off my cell phone on Saturday night.

The weekend is near people, hang in there!


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  1. Hi Al, Megan won't be coming. Justin is taking her to Sun City. Can't wait to see what my gift is. See you tomorrow x