Friday, July 10, 2009

Quiet time

Today i was able to come home early after a workshop and was able to steal some quiet time for myself. It is only when i have spent two hours alone that i really reflect on how little time i am alone. From a child i was always someone who was very comfortable in my own company. However, once the little W's arrived alone time became a foreign concept. As any young mom will know, just achieving a bath, hell a toilet visit alone when you have little folk around is an accomplishment. Well today i carved some time out for me and feel good! It was just what i needed after a hectic week and a late work night.

Most importantly however it is weekend and i have some goodness to look forward to:
* Some friday night company with my cousin tonight. A warm communal supper and some good communal reality tv. I am such an addict!
* Going to the Irene craft market with hubby, little W's and a dear friend and her family tomorrow. I intend to do some great shopping and then we will have lunch at the Irene dairy. Top of the list is to come home with a bag full of great cheeses. (I have already stocked up with two great bottles of organic merlot!!) Cheese and wine on the cards indeed.
* A shopping date with the oldest prince on Sunday. Dad W wants to take little prince to play golf (Dad swears that two year old Seth has a talent....he certainly is enthusiastic and cries every time we drive past the golf course!!!. Gabby is the perfect shopping companion!!
* A whole lot of craft time. I have not touched my scrapbooking table in over a month. With us being inside so much i seem to be taking less photos.

Whatever your weekend holds for you, i hope it is easy, kind and communal!

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