Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stop growing!

I was looking at some old photos of the boys and suddenly realised something... they were growing up.... really quickly.... too quickly actually! I mean what just happened. One moment i was a new mom, the next thing i was a second time new mom.... now i am an old mom, with two little boys. These photos were taken nearly two years ago when Gabby was three and Seth was nine months old. They are now 5 and 2 years old respectively. They were so, so little. Look at little Sethy bear. What a gorgeous chickpea! Gabby constantly tells me not to call him a baby. He starting big school next year and i dont even want to think about him in his uniform. One moment you are trying so desperately to get pregnant. The next thing this little scrap is here, crawling, walking, running into the big wide world. Its scary stuff!!!! I wish i could tell them to stop growing already! But this is just part of parenthood i guess. From the moment they start moving, they start moving away from you. I suppose that ironically their ability to move away from you is an indication of how well you are doing. They are confident, self assured, out to explore and you are so proudly anxious and just a little scared. Its enough to make you take two hundred photos of them and do some frantic scrapbooking.

I suppose the real challenge is to cherish the moments that you do have. Loving every moment, kissing those fat baby cheeks as much as you, taking all the hugs and squeezes you can get. Love them as much as you can before they can fight you off them!


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