Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer dreaming again....

Over! My crazy week that is! And what a week! A mad busy overwhelming week where the little W's did not get enough mom time..... and Mama W did not get enough alone time.... which results in a rather grumpy W family, with Papa W having to pick up a lot of the slack.

BUT, the good news is that it is over. The next week is very quiet with a possible half day. And i have negotiated for a week off in the next two weeks. So the future is fraught with possibility. Hurray.

So in order to revitalize myself i want to share with you some of my current favourite things:
  • The fact that i bought my first spring shoes - Two great pairs of slip ons. One which is lovely black patent leather which is beyond funky and cute!
  • The crochet baby blanket that i am making that i am already halfway through. I love the fact that the pattern has become internalised and i no longer need to look at the pattern. This is the comfortable part of a new project.
  • Winter seems to be slowly moving towards closure... Am i being hopefully? I know that we still have a whole month left, but there is that little, little promise of warmth in the air.
  • The summer dreaming that i am doing. My soul is longing for sunshine, lemonade, blue pools and skies.....
  • The new books that i am devouring. Last week i went to the second hand book shop nearby and came back with a haul! And they are all as good as they promised.
  • And finally, the new books that Kalahari have dispatched to me..... Three new books for my bread maker.
I wish you a good weekend!

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