Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Slow going

I have come back to a busy week and am only now getting into the swing of things. The holiday was really fantastic and even though it was short, i felt that it was good for all of us. It got us away from the madness of every day life and it helped us to create some time together as a family. You really need to carve out family time in this mad world. I also love the fact that it created some positive memories for my children and exposed them to new things. These are some of the pictures from the cottage. The boys loved the ponies and Seth loved chasing the poor ducks!

But now we are back in the normal rut of life. Some useless information I would like to share:
  • I received my new bed. For the first time in my life i have a really good bed and it is amazing. I decided to get a King size bed and it is huge. I am also in love with my new goose down pillows and duvet and white cotton bedding. One down side - last night i felt like Jason was on the other side of the bed and we still ended up sleeping in the middle! But when the kids came through in the morning and we could all fit into the bed it was worth it.
  • I printed 87 photos from our long weekend! Yes, i have a scrapping addiction. I acknowledge it! I have managed to do about 5 pages already but am itching to finish the album. I just dont have time as usual.
  • I have finished my redwork xmas stitching and just need to stitch it up. I took out my sewing machine last night and looked at it briefly. Is that at least one step in the right direction?
  • I am thinking of my dear friend who has to go into hospital next week and have a hysterectomy. I am looking forward to seeing her this weekend.
Otherwise life is sailing along in its bumpy smooth fashion. We have had rain which was amazing and the garden is looking good. Everything is green and full of flowers. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend with lots of time to catch up and relax.

I wish you all well...


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