Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Happy, happy Spring day to all my friends in the Southern Hemisphere and happy, happy Fall day to those further North.

I wish you all of the following:
  • Dappled hot afternoons under comforting trees,
  • Kaleidoscopes of colours in your garden.
  • The sweet smell of Jasmine climbing on your fence.
  • The tart taste of fresh lemonade.
  • Scents of lawn mowing and braai.
  • Cool, blue water closing over your head.
  • Bare feet,legs and arms.
  • The smell of sunscreen
  • Endless, empty summer days.
  • New books to read on the grass
  • The embrace of still, hot air
  • The hum of summer fans in the evening
  • Glorious Johannesburg thunder and lightening storms
  • Open doors and windows
But most of all I wish you a joyous new season of rebirth, a celebration of renewal. I sent my boys to school with trays full of seedlings this morning to brighten their space and welcome the season. Perhaps a special spring supper is in order......



  1. It's so funny to think about how your seasons are opposite ours over here... I must admit, I totally forgot!

    Hope your spring is full of wonderful, fun discoveries!