Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sweet spring day

Celebrating a sweet day and a sweet weekend:
  • A great kids birthday party yesterday where i got to chat to some like minded moms. One of which will be teaching Gabby next year.
  • A lovely outdoor saturday lunch at our benches and table under the tree. It was a great investment and has become our new favourite eating spot.
  • A fun night at the drive - in, with hot dogs, popcorn and chips. The kids loved going out in their gowns and slippers, with blankets and pillows on the back seat.
  • Early morning Sunday morning shopping that had be finding two great new craft books. I also found the throw that i was looking for on sale (From R249 to R160). It has little airplanes on it and looks fantastic in the playroom.
  • A great family lunch with my cousin and his wife. We were a great crowd. The boys were thoroughly indulged by their aunts and ate too much cake!
  • A quiet Sunday night to look forward to.
And in between all of this I managed to do 4 scrapbooking pages!!!

Did I mentioned that i love Spring!



  1. Hi Allison! I was surprised to hear you've never heard of root beer! How about sarsaparilla? It's the same thing. It's just a soft drink with a very different flavor.

  2. Oh, and a root beer float is vanilla ice cream with root beer poured over it! Num-num.