Friday, September 4, 2009


Is exactly the space that i am in right now. I cant, in all honesty complain about anything right now. Not that it means that i dont. Of course i complain about little things like the dogs digging in my garden or my kids fighting or leaving the pot of rice on the stove and burning it. Silly, little things. But the big things are ok. The big things are good. Thats what's important. So, what is inspiring your friend to behave like a silly cheshire cat, with an grin plastered on her face? The following:

Why I am so "just fine" right now:
  • The weather is fabulous. Hot sunny African weather that simply embraces your soul. It changes the way that you interact with your environment, seeking any opportunity to go outside.
  • The kids are finally healthy, although Gabby has a lingering cough. I am stuffing them with the abundant fresh fruit and hoping that the vitamins will kick in.....
  • I have finished my crochet and packed it awy for a while and am making a beautiful gift that is a pleasure to make and to give. I cant share yet as i know she pops in here some times and i dont want to ruin the moment.... I also have a redwork xmas quilt all ready to go as soon as i am finished her present.
  • Jason and I got a day off to take a long weekend off at the end of the month. We are going on a family get away to the Magaliesberg (Magalies mountain) area. We managed to get wonderful accomodation in one of their small private stone cottages up in the hills so that we will be able to get away. I even splashed out and had the cotage cleaned daily, so no work for me! There is a country festival on that weekend. We also want to go strawberry picking, visit the cheese farm, eat out, cook under the stars, horse ride and just get away.
  • I am in a wonderful, I-am-in-love with my husband phase right now. Even if he tosses his clothes on the floor and wrestles with the boys before bedtime and then leaves me to get them to sleep (amongst other things.....). He makes me happy. He really does. He makes the kids so happy. I think that we make him happy too... a good space to be in.
  • Work is just so alright, right now. I have dealt with all the looming crises and am in a good space where i have not worked late the whole week.
  • I have stuck to my spring diet which is a bloody miracle. The thing is that i need to lose weight and i hate the idea of dieting... Can you see the problem? I have such a love affair with good food....... I am a real comfort eater and the problem gets so much worse in winter where i deal with my winter misery by snacking. But i have managed to stick to my non diet for a month now and have 5 kgs down to show for it. I am trying very hard not to think about being on diet. Otherwise i just get inspired to cheat! I am trying to reflect the positive seasonal energy of feeling good and renewed into my personal eating decisions. So hold thumbs for me!
I am sending you all good energy and wishing you a very good weekend....


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