Saturday, September 12, 2009


I know this is my second child and i should be immune to the temper tantrums and such but i am really not! The thing is ... Gabby was never a temper tantrum thrower. He was more of a poor me, pitiful weeping kind of kid. Seth on the other hand lets everyone know about it when he is pissed off. And lately, most things make him mad. He likes the world to be just so, which includes his mother mind reading what he wants. If something goes wrong we have 5 seconds to figure it out and fix it otherwise, it is the full collapsing legs, crying show.

So after a day out shopping with the boys can someone tell me ..
  • Why a toddler who throws the free paper hat he got from the steak house at lunch time on the floor screams for 30 minutes when it breaks and you throw it in the bin?
  • Why he screams when you try to fit shoes onto him at the shop but then cries when you take them off?
  • Why he has a temper tantrum when you give him supper and refuse to give him more tomato sauce even though his plate is swimming in half a bottle?)
  • Why a potty training toddler tries to wee every 2 minutes and then screams the house down when his poor bladder wont comply?
  • Why my child insists on dragging my garden hose around the garden (literally up trees, around the jungle gym) and then screams every 5 minutes when it gets stuck?
So i do understand that it is hard to be two years old, BUT it is sometimes worse to be the mother of a two year old. The funniest thing is when my older son tells me : "Just ignore him, you are giving him attention". Words straight out of my mouth!

Just to give me hope i am posting this picture of Seth a year ago when he was little, cute, compliant and did not get say the word "No!" every two seconds. Lucky for him, his mother loves him!


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  1. I wish I've had all these answers :) But I do know this is just the age, and this phase will past (I've been there :)
    Seth is definitely cute!