Wednesday, September 9, 2009

spring fun

I had a crazy week. Nothing abnormal, just plain good old slog. The weather is still great here and we are eating outside every day. I suspect that we are going to have a very hot summer. It is already almost 30 here in the day. The boys have had two swims while i am still put off by the cold water. I need the water to be really warm before i get in.

So what has been happening in my life:
  • I got my gardener to put in all my annuals and a lot of sunflowers that i hope grow majestically. The garden is looking so good. Pics will follow soon.
  • I have finished my secret gift and just need to stitch it together.... will share as soon as i can.
  • I have started my mini quilt for christmas. I went into Woolies today and could not believe that they had xmas chocolates out on the counter! It is only September. Every year i make a decoration for the tree and would like to finisht the quilt early. Thankfully the whole family has their hand stitched stockings this year so i can do what i would like.
  • I am hoping to see my brother this weekend and go to the Irene craft market.
  • I am so happy formy dear friends, Johan and Jocelyn who welcomed their baby girl into their lives this week. She looks tiny. Were my boys ever that small? Little monsters that they are now.
  • Seth is talking more and more which is a great relief to me. Gabby was a child that spoke early and never stopped. Seth on the other hand does not like to talk at all. For a long time i swung between absolute panic and the urge to comfort myself that he will talk when he is ready. We took away the dummy a couple of weeks ago and what a change! He is really trying and not a day goes by when he doesnt say something new. I am so relieved. I am a real worry wart when it comes to the kids. And a word of advice if you are worried about something, dont go online. You are sure to find the one website that tells you that your child should be writing a novel at the age of four and saying 6 million words.
  • I am thinking of a dear, dear friend tonight and wishing that i could help her on her own journey, which of course i cant. Its hard to watch people you love struggle.
Wishing a good rest of the week.


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