Friday, September 18, 2009

We are okay!

Although the germs joined us again this week, we seem to be beating them more successfully in the warmth of spring. We had one miserable day and it has been better since then. We had a good night, where no-one woke up and everyone slept through, with no coughing fits.

We have a busy weekend. I have a birthday party this morning. Gabby actually got the invite but i asked the mom if i can bring Seth. She agreed but i was not sure if i read a bit of irritation in her voice? I felt bad but was really stuck as Jason was unable to look after him as he needs to go into the university. I tried to reassure her that he doesnt need a party pack or anything like that but will just really hang out with me. Then i made myself feel better by reminding myself of the five extra kids that arrived on the day of my boys birthday party last year. Seriously! Five! And i was the smiling, accommodating hostess with the mostest! Some were siblings, whose moms did not phone before hand and the one mom of two who forgot to RSVP but who wanted to come anyway! I would not do it at a party venue where there were costs invovld but as this is at her home, i feel less bad..... I coughed up lots of bucks on a large box of zoobs to make myself feel better!!!

Tomorrow we are going to my cousin for a braai and tonight we are hoping to go to the drive-in. I just have not mentioned it to the kids yet. I have learnt that once you tell the kids, it has to happen! It is cast in stone. I just want to guage the weather and their temperments tonight..

Today is my brother's birthday and i want to wish him a very happy 30th birthday. He is very dear to my heart and i wish that he was not 1000km's away and that i could spend the day with him and his family. But we are spending christmas and new years together! I will call him later. He is a notorious late waker-upper (since childhood)!

Finally i am in full swing planning our get away four day away weekend for next weekend. We are staying at a beautiful resort called stone hill in the magalies mountain. I want to get away and the best part is no TV! We are going to rest and i am plotting and scheming already. We are going to braai every night, take our board games along and make a fire every night. Just because we can. Add lots of outdoor hikes, a visit to the country festival, a visit to the Maropeng cradle of mankind, the cheese farm, the strawberry farm and we are going to have a great time. Of course mom needs to work out a new stitchery to take with. What a chore! :) I am including these pictures of the cottage we are renting. Anyone in Johannesburg can check out their website on It looks like just the country get away that we need!

So now after taking about my happily busy life, i am off to live it. Which starts with getting my brood out of bed, dressed and fed!

Best wishes

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Allison. Hope
    you have a great time on your getaway. I look forward to seeing some pictures of your bunting!