Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 things that you didnt know about me...

I love discovering something about someone close to me that i didnt know, dont you?

It gives them a whole new dimension and you step back and say: "Wow, i didnt know that bout you! You? No! Who would have guessed!"

So old and new friends, I am going to share some things that you may not (or may!) know about me......
  1. My greatest fear was that i was not going to be able to have children. It plagued me for much of my teenagehood and young adulthood. My mother struggled to concieve and i was convinced it would apply to me to. Now that i have my children,my greatest fear is that something should happen to them.
  2. I like myself more at 32 then i did at 22. I wish i could you back to my 22 year old self and tell her that everything was going to be just fine. That many of the things that she worried about so terribly would not happen. Some of them would happen and she would cope just fine. I feel more able to embrace and celebrate my own strength now then when i was in my early twenties.
  3. I am afraid on some level to have a daughter. I had a very close and yet very damaging relationship with my mother. It is so much easier with my boys. I am afraid that if i ever had a daughter i would just pass on my hang ups. And i know that being a woman is hard. You feel more, hurt more, love more. I dont know if i can pass on that inheritance.
  4. I want to go to Russia. I want to kiss my husband on the steps of an old Russian church, with the sun shining on our faces.
  5. I find solitude comforting. I like being alone sometimes. I know that it may be because i have two kids under six who think that mom being alone is a sin. But i am genuinely comfortable in my skin
That was fun!


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