Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sometimes there is a ray of light in the madness of parenting. Today was an example! I hate taking my kids to have their vaccinations, but they are a necessary evil. I dont mean to offend anyone who lands up on this blog, but i really have an issue with parents who dont vaccinate their kids. I believe that i am giving the best to my children by using medical science in their favour. Vaccinations have effectively wiped out so many illnesses. Here in South Africa, the state pays for most basic vaccinations but then you have to pay for the additional ones, such as Meningitis and Chicken Pox, which i did. But despite my belief in them, i hate taking the kids for their shots. So can you imagine my joy when the local clinic put a notice in my sons pouches at school that they will be coming to the school today and updating all the children's vaccinations. I just need to send the clinic cards. I need to pay in for the shots but it is still easier then getting off work and going. I also found that the kids do better with the shots at the school, perhaps because they are with their friends and there is a sense of shared suffering! There was an meningitis outbreak here a couple of months ago and they had the vaccination at the school. Gabby came home proudly showing me his "injury" and i had no complaints! So that is one thing off my never ending parental "to-do" list. You know, the one that gets longer and longer, no matter how much i do!!!!!

However, i am still thinking of them this morning and sending them some telepathic motherly love. Hope they get a lolly! Sometimes you need to be grateful for the little things!

On another note i have started to plot and scheme for the boys birthday party this year. I am thinking of a king Arthur (castle / knights / fair maiden) theme! And no, not just so that Mom and dad can dress up! Will keep you updated with the plans!


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