Monday, October 5, 2009

Blah! Monday

I am typing this looking over the smoggy grey skies of Johannesburg. What a sight. The world seems to have forgotten that it is Spring time. I have also just heard that i need to do a late evening meeting, which is always guaranteed to bring a spring into your step.

So perhaps i need to focus on some joyous thoughts right now:

Things that are bringing me joy right now:
  • The fact that i am almost finished with my Magaliesberg album. I have done 14 out of the 20 pages and am very happy with the outcome. I always find that a planned album moves along so quickly. It has a clear goal, or an experience to capture. You can organise the photos to fit in with this and then get to work. I had to share some more photos from the holiday. Dont you just love this picture of Seth and the dog. They were both watching the goats eat. The dog longingly so, although he was not brave enough to venture in and snatch a crust!
  • I am just loving my kids right now. I had a really bad case last week where i was informed of two kids - 4 and 7 who needed to be removed from their mom at my shelter. It just broke my heart. I just cant understand, fathom neglectful bad mothers. I cant sympathise no matter what the circumstances. I know that i would literally place my own life at risk for my children. I am so angry with her. I went home and just loved my kids with all my capacity. I am so grateful that i am in a position to ensure that they are cared for, loved and sheltered from the ugliness of the world, as far as i can.
  • My garden is alive at present and all my white icebergs are in bloom. They look beautiful.
  • My new bed is an absolute joy. Ah! Just thinking about it makes me feel better.
  • AND my kids are in their own beds!!!! The boys have been in their own room for over a year now but i had the two beds together as Seth did not want to sleep without cuddling next to Gabby. Problem is they bother each other. Getting them to sleep was becoming a nightmare. So i moved the beds apart. It is amazing. They have been sleeping so much better and not waking up at night after one of them slaps the other in the face or provides a midnight kick.
Hope that your monday is not too manic!


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