Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family fun

Firstly i wanted to share these cutie pies with you.  These were taken last week at the theme park when we went out for the day.  Arent the carousel horse photos lovely?

I spent a wonderful day with an old friend today, who i have not seen in over a year.  And like any two old friends i picked her up and started jibber jabbering.  We had coffee and muffins and spoke and spoke and spoke.  No holds barred, just spilling the beans.  Life, men, money, some gossip.  It was wonderful.  I realised how much i missed talking to her.  But i also realised that as i get older i am aware that i have some wonderful women in my life who i dont speak to often but that mean a lot to me.  Friends whose friendships dont rely upon constant contact.  I hold them dear to my heart.

I am starting to hear the calling of the sea.  The weather is awful here in Johannesburg.  Gray skies and rain.  But at this point i dont care.  I will walk on the beach in the pouring rain.  I just need to get to the shore.  Ever have that feeling?  I am looking forward to a quiet weekend, with family movies tomorrow and then the packing and planning before we leave on Easter Sunday for the coast.

I've got a feeling that this holiday is going to be great! (wink, wink!)


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  1. the weather is bladde terrible!!! I want summer back please