Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I love that silly word.  And it really describes where i am right now.  My leave started on Monday and this is my third day off.  It has been bliss to just stay at home and rest.  I must admit that yesterday i had a bit of cabin fever as Jason's car had to go into the panelbeaters and i was stuck at home.  But i was forced to rest and relax.  I have been working on my cross stitch UFO, my huge angel sampler that i started 3 years ago.  I am now attaching hundreds, and i mean hundreds of beads by hand!  It looks beautifukl but is rather painful.  I am forcing myself to finish it so that i can start my brother's wedding sampler for October.

Otherwise i am so looking forward to our week at the sea.  We are leaving on Sunday and i have been stocking up with beach toys and some cool summer clothes.  I am taking advantage of all the summer sales.

So right now i am just resting and it really is fantastic!


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