Sunday, March 21, 2010

Autumn days

Its here people.  Autumn has finally hit the southern hemisphere and all our feathered friends are flying north.  I am not a winter fan at all but i like the cool days of Autumn.  They are a bit of a reprieve after the hot African summer - and trust me it is a real scorcher!  So i feel ready for this season!

Today we woke to grey skies which was a bit miserable as we had promised the kids to take them to the local theme park - gold reef city.  I dont mind the weather as long as it technically does not rain so we are holding thumbs otherwise we are going to have some miserable little bunnies here.  It has been a long weekend here and i have had a good break.  Lots of home time.  Lots of scrapbooking.  Gym, reading and even baking squuezed in.  We also had a chance to visit my cousin in his new house, which is wonderful!

So happy spring day to all my northern friends and to the rest of us, hunker down folks Winter is on its way!  To celebrate i got some wool out and grabbed a hook.  The best part of winter is crochet! :)


Ps:  having a good giggle at Seth right now.  He wanted me to fetch a toy for him out of the play room and when i told him to fetch it himself he told me that his leg was broken.  This was accompanied by major limping.  I laughed so much that i fetched it for him.  Perhaps this was part of the plan!

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