Friday, March 26, 2010


Maybe its my imagaination but i feel Autumn in the air.  There is a natural sense that things are winding down around here which is slightly bizarre as we still have a hot beach holiday to look forward to.  Easter is always Summer's last dying breath and after that you know that you have no more unexpected hot spells to look forward to.

Today was the last day at work.  I am off for two weeks.  I celebrated by taking the two sick boys to the doctor,miserable.  I walked out with more medication then a drug cartel and two expensive books that i was suckered into buying by the kids at the local toy shop as a sympathy purchase.  I tried to tell myself that books are not like real toys and actually are good purchases.  I only felt slightly better.

Fortunately, kids are pretty tough and i know that tomorrow they will rally.

Good news is that I got Gabby's first school report and he did fine.  He achieved satisfactory on all his tasks with an over achievement on his maths tasks.  He only rated as an underperformance on his life skills, where he could not recite our cell numbers.  I dont count that as a serious intellectual failing so i reckon he is going to be ok.  Shew!  Motherhood guilt relieved just a little bit......

Will keep you posted on the germ front!

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