Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scrapbooking joy

One of my happiest moments is when i have a pile of new photos, new papers and an empty album.  Which is where i find myself now, with a pile of wonderful holiday photos to scrap.  And what a pleasure this scrapping has been!  Think blue sky and seas, waves and sand, boys in red and blue swimming costumes, summer, fun.... Get the picture.  I am sadly almost done with the actual holiday album although i took so many pics that they will spill over to the boys general albums.  I do specific albums for holidays.  Then i have three albums running at all times:  One for each of the boys and then a general family album.  Finally i have a christmas album that i keep my christmas pages in.

So today i want to share with you the following that i have finished:

See what i mean about the wonderful summer pics!  Summer is really my season and i dont really get the winter joys.  We dont get snow in JHB, only grey skies which does not make for really inspiring pictures.  But as a dedicated scrapbooker, i will find a way to survive until Spring.... only 5 months to go!  Sigh!


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