Monday, April 26, 2010

My treasures

I got this idea of one of my favourite blogger's sites, Amanda at Morning glory cottage.   I loved her post on things that she treasures.  So here goes

Firstly, i treasure my relationship with my husband.  We met when i was 19, the year after i finished school.  Of course i thought that i knew it all.  Of course i still do!  We have been together now for 14 years.  And we really get each other.  Our relationship has evolved as most do but we are in a really good space right now.  We are at the point where we trust each, are able to accept each other and remain committed to both each and our family.  He is an amazing father.  I am often moved to tears of gratitude when i see the absolute devotion that he has for his sons and the way in which they just flourish and blossom around him.  He is strong emotionally, affectionate and kind.  For all the dirty nappies he has changed, the babies he has rocked to sleep, the bottles he has made and given, the games that he has played, the books that he has read, the kisses and hugs that he has given his sons, i am truely grateful.  Through him i became a mother, able to find true contentment, find peace for myself.

And then there was three.....

In December 2003, 6 years ago my first son, Gabriel was born.  All these years later just the sight of him can still take my breath away.  Perfect child, you healed me, allowed me to believe in goodness, gave me hope for the future.  I was able to heal the pain of my own relationship with my mother, through you.  Being a first time mother was hard, so hard at times.  But one of the things that i am most proud of is the unshakable bond that we have.  At times when you drive me crazy with your normal first child bossiness, i have to stop myself from laughing, because you are so, so, so much like me!  I can hear my own words coming from your mouth!  You are beautiful inside and out.  Kind, compassion, empathetic, you stand up for the little(r) people.  Fiercely protective over your brother (you even seem intent on keeping him safe from himself!), secure, bright, loving.  I am so proud of you.  I love you unconditionally.

And then there was four.

Sweet baby Seth.  If Gabriel made me a mother, you gave me a family.  You are so self content, loving, sweet.  Just this morning i found you in a total embrace with the cat, upon which you informed me seriously that he is your friend. I love everything about you from your blue, blue eyes to your soft blond hair.  You dont need me as much as Gabby but you love me so much.  I love the temper that flairs, the "i know what i want" attitude.  I love the fact that you tell everyone that you are "mommy's boy".  I love your gardening, quiet play.  I came into myself when you were born and i had so much fun, freed from the anxiety of trying to do everything perfectly.

On this monday, please share what you treasure most?


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