Monday, April 12, 2010

books and diets

These are the things on my little mind today.  Its monday and i am back at work.  I have survived my first meeting and am still feeling fine.  Today i am also back on the big D - Diet!  I ate a lot of junk while i was on leave.  Including too much easter chocolate!  so i forced myself to gym this morning and have been good the whole day.  I actually feel pretty good about the process as this is the first year that i can remember where i have managed to keep my weight steady.  That does not mean that i have lost what i need to lost but i have managed to keep it stable.  I lost 11 kgs a year ago and am still there.  I really believe that it is the gym that has helped me to do so.  Even with this really bad two weeks i have put on 1.5kgs and know that by the end of the week i will be back to where i was.  It is good to finally feel in control of my weight.  Now i just need to work on bringing it down.

Books!  Ah, my favourite subject!  In the last month i have just found the most amazing books.  I am really an addict and cannot help myself when i spot a second hand book shop.  I have just finished reading this one:

And i have just started this one:
I really enjoyed the Shriver book and can recommend it to anyone.  It is the story of a mother who tells the story of a school massacre, committed by her son.  It is exceptionally well written.  I am a huge Dawkins fan and was so excited when i wondering into my local bookshop and found that they had stocked his entire range.  I bought this one and an "Ancestors tale".

Cant wait to get home and do some more reading.  Was so excited because i got my kids to sleep at 7pm last night and got to read for two hours....


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